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ASA 75 | Truths About Discipline

26 Aug75: Truths About Discipline

What are the truths about discipline? In this episode, Alex Mandossian dives into the truths about a discipline that will…

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ASA 72 | Obliterate Objections

05 Aug72: Obliterate Their Objections

In sales, objections from people are always present, and when addressed correctly, it is what drives the sale to happen….

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ASA 69 | Contrast Effect

15 Jul69: The CONTRAST Effect

In this episode, Alex Mandossian talks about the contrast effect about how the human brain perceives and is influenced. Alex…

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ASA 66 | Profitable Up-Selling Tips

24 JunProfitable Up-Selling Tips

Making a more profitable sale through upselling is always great, but it is not always possible. Alex Mandossian shares the…

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ASA 63 | D.E.L.T.A. Selling Process

03 JunD.E.L.T.A. Selling Process

A sales process is something that is both duplicable and repeatable. In this episode, Alex Mandossian talks about the steps…

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