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108. Aim At “Bullseye” Clients
May 18, 2020

Have you ever watched Olympic archery? Picture the target and the rings as they get smaller and smaller toward the bullseye….

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101. Six Avatar Distinctions
March 23, 2020

One of my clients, Dr. Tim Zelko, was once an OB-Gyn and is now a cosmetic surgeon. He’s on a mission…

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ASA 73 | Why Selling
73: Reasons Why” Selling
August 12, 2019

Have you ever tried putting yourself in your clients’ or buyers’ shoes? What do you think is the reason why…

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ASA 71 | Quality Testimonials
71: Get Quality Testimonials
July 29, 2019

A testimonial is the only proof you need to spread the word that you know what you’re doing and that…

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ASA 60 | Create A Movement
How to Create A Movement
May 6, 2019

How do you create a new movement? In this episode, Alex Mandossian talks about the three important elements you need…

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