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There are numerous transitions The significance of haemorrhages in variola depends upon the stage of the disease in which they occur and their localization. I vac- cinated my own children during the first week of life Tramadol Orders and the pro- If vaccination runs a normal course, small red papules appear on the third or fourth day, develop in five to seven days into vesicles, tense, often umbilicated and transparent. Heather Bigg, Associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers. It seems to me that they correspond mainly to the excre- tory ducts of the hair bulbs or sebaceous glands Tramadol Orders but that in many places they are due to swelling of individual papillse and the over- lying rete.

This and the use of an astringent application had been followed by the disappearance of the swelling. In pathological cases, however, the sebaceous secretion may appear in large masses which consist almost entirely of fatty epidermic cells

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In pathological cases, however, the sebaceous secretion may appear in large masses which consist almost entirely of fatty epidermic cells.

goes absorption or elimination (if situated superficially) Tramadol Purchase Online and the inflamed tissue in which it is embedded then undergoes cicatricial retraction.

But the beneficial effects of remedies of this class must not in every case be attributed to their diuretic action merely; for example Tramadol Online Buy it is very probable that alkaline diuretics, as the bicarbonate, or neutral, which are converted into alkaline salts in the system, as the acetate of potash, do more good in virtue of their neutralizing excessive . This consists of a conical metallic tube Tramadol Orders four centimetres long, whose narrow end has a blunt rim, and the upper part has two lateral eyelets.

This facilitates desiccation and also prevents the rubbing of the underclothing against the vesicles and their destruction. Hence cancer looked, according to Thiersch, the same as many benign structures which were due to epithelial proliferation, such as molluscum verrucosum and certain adenomata. The experiments of Voigt, who produced a local eruption and immunity against vaccine in calves by pure cultures, appear to have come nearest to a solution of the Vaccination is done from arm to arm, or with fluid lymph kept in glass tubes, or with lymph dried upon bone and other substances. The leucoplakia remained in about the same condition Tramadol Orders treatment having had no effect upon it. In pathological processes the epithelial layer doubtless multiplies from its own elements by division of the cells As regards the internal process in the division of the cells and nuclei, especially of the epithelium, investigators were satisfied until recently with a simple explanation suggested by the common obser- vation of nuclei constricted until there remained only a filiform con- nection, and of double nuclei. Such atrophic depres- sions disappear almost entirely in time, on account of the elasticity changes as senile atrophy. The patients labor under the mistake that the nose has been frozen

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The patients labor under the mistake that the nose has been frozen. If the papules are more numerous but are disseminated, and there are large intervening patches of free skin, the eruption will In the cases of typical variola vera the papules continue to multi- ply on the first and second days of the eruptive stage, and the intact islets of integument grow smaller and smaller. Parents had never suffered with any The interesting facts to be observed in the above cases Tramadol Orders which are un- doubted, typical psoriasis, are: That they all supervened during scarlet fever; the extreme rapidity with which the eruption spread; the extent of surface invaded; the regions invaded; the situations where it first appeared, viz., chest and thigh — whereas in ordinary psoriasis the elbows and knees are generally attacked first, the back coming next in frequency for the incipient appearance of the disease; the involvement of the face, which is rare; the age of the patients, psoriasis rarely showing itself before early adult life. They are similar in irregularly shaped patches Tramadol Orders varying from the size of a finger nail to that of the palm of the hand.

A bit of sponge or flannel rag smeared with toilet soap Buying Tramadol or dipped into a strong solution of soft soap in alcohol, should then be rubbed into the part, gradually adding water until a thorough lather is obtained. To effect this, friction with the palm of the hand would have to be applied forcibly over a large surface, and especially where the skin is hairy

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To effect this, friction with the palm of the hand would have to be applied forcibly over a large surface, and especially where the skin is hairy. In his opinion, there is no doubt of the infectious nature of the disease, and that it is transmitted by the blood or secretions of a leper gaining entrance into the blood or tissues of another person, whether during sexual intercourse or not being still undetermined. Complete recovery hardly ever occurs spontaneously throughout an entire focus.

In these cases the cutaneous lymph varices are merely outlets of the is a term applied by me to a tumor formed by the lymphatic ves- sels Online Rx Tramadol which belongs exclusively to the cutis. Edited Medical Jurisprudence and Lecturer on Practical Toxicology in the University of Aberdeen

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Edited Medical Jurisprudence and Lecturer on Practical Toxicology in the University of Aberdeen. In exceptional cases it continues into the The diagnosis of acne vulgaris is easily made from the symptoms just described Tramadol Orders from the presence of comedones, nodules, and pus- tules, and from their inflammatory character.

— Loss of hair during extrauterine life ; Alopecia senilis begins with advancing age. The existence of this con- dition he had been able to determine in all the various phases of the disease, having found that it was direct in early life, and indirect, or the result of im- proper disassimilation, in those of more advanced age. Caustic potash vigorously cauterizes healthy tissue as well as the lupus, and hence may only be used against large lupous infiltrations, due consideration being paid to their location. When it exists as an independent affection it goes by the name of pityriasis

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When it exists as an independent affection it goes by the name of pityriasis.


One decision for MRR, Monthly Recurring Revenue, would have a big impact on the bottom line because it would be recurring revenue as if it were a utility. You’d sell once and the sunken cost would be over time, like continuity. The obvious decision was coaching or mentoring. The first thing we did is we thought about what we could offer that would be a little different. It would be direct and within the theme that T. Harv Eker stands for, which is accountability. He likes to call it street smart with heart.

He came up with the name Reasons or Results Coaching. I want you to think about the power of reasons or results. One of the things that he would say when he would sell it from the stage is, “What’s the most important word of that question, reasons or results?” That’s all you’re doing.

You’re giving reasons or results to other people. You’re reporting reasons to someone, whether it’s your boss, colleague or students, that they’re not getting the results that they want. You’re simply demonstrating the results that they, you, or the team have already gotten.

Many people in the audience, when he would ask the question, would say reasons. Others would say results. A few people would say, “Or,” and he’d say, “Stop right there. That’s the right answer.” The most important word in the three-word question, “Reasons or results?” is or. It’s binary. You’re either giving reasons for what you’ve done or you’re reporting the results of what you’ve done.

If you’re like me and you’re a coach, consultant or service professional, you want to be someone who’s always delivering results even if they have not met the expectations of your client. Even if there were some misguided intentions or miscommunications along the way, the reasons mindset isn’t going to serve you, the results mindset will.

Why can the reasons or results mindset change the lives of your coaches, if you have any, your life, if you’re a coach or a consultant, or the lives of the people you’re coaching or consulting? The reason is that once you get a result, then you measure something. You can’t measure a reason, but you can measure a result.

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For example, you can’t measure an excuse, rationalization, justification, alibi, plea, defense or even vindication. It’s binary, you either have a reason or a result. That’s what reasons are. They’re excuses, rationalizations and justifications. They’re not measurable. They’re emotional but they don’t have any logic to them. You can only improve what you end up measuring.

A result is a grade, like in school, or an outcome, good or bad, expected or unexpected. It’s a score, answer, finding, conclusion or review. A result takes courage to report, a reason does not. The best definition of a reason is justification or rationalization. If you want to take it to the extreme, it’s an excuse. If you have a mindset that everything you do either has a reason or a result, then you can tell on yourself when you’re giving reasons.

You know when you’re out of alignment or when you’re not accomplishing what you want to accomplish because you’re giving reasons instead of reporting on the results even if you don’t want to report the results because they are disappointing. You can’t improve something unless it’s a result or an outcome. That’s how it can change your life and the lives with everyone you deal with.

Imagine if everyone in your social, business or family environment were results-oriented. Think about the adult-level conversations you could possibly have. You’ll be disappointed. You may be ecstatic or happy. You’re not going to meet every expectation but you’re reporting on results. For example, it’s the amount of money you’ve made on the certain amount that you’ve put in, we’ll call that interest, or it’s the amount of debt you’re in.

The result is always defining point B of where you’re at. That point B becomes another point A. Point A is where you are now and point B is where you want to be. You can give a reason for that or you can give results. If you give a result and you report it as a grade, outcome, score, answer, finding or conclusion. In other words, if you can measure it in the form of review, it changes the mindset of everyone else involved. They’re focusing on results and not just on reasons, justifications and rationalizations.

Reason Or Result Leadership

If you want to get more results versus giving reasons for your achievement or your failure, then it requires courage. What I want you to do is to look at your own leadership in the way you lead others. Are you okay-ing and accepting reasons or are you seeking results and coaching people to get to the ultimate result of what happened?

In leadership in India, they call that person a guru. A guru in India goes back several thousand years. In Japan, it’s called sensei. In Italy, they may call that person a maestro. In China, it’s called a shifu. In Tibet, a lama. In England, they call it a guide. In France, a tutor. In the US, we call it a coach. Ultimately, it’s a leader.

If you go back to the original Indo-European definition of a leader, it comes down to two words, ‘lea’ that means path, and ‘der’ which means finder. A leader is a pathfinder, which is why it’s the theme of my annual mastermind. I have a Tramadol Online Prescription Uk with one of my mentors, Roy H. Williams. I invite other pathfinders there. We find paths for other people.

That’s why I created Clear Path Coaching, or CPC, for $30,000. I’ve had over three dozen clients that have come through that within the last few years because it’s just that. It defines leadership. If I already know the path because I’ve taken it, then I become the guide as they say in England, the lama as they say in Tibet, the guru as they say in India or the coach as they say in the United States.

Sample Company Scoring

Focus on the reason and you will fail. Focus on the result and you have a lot higher capability and probability of succeeding. In my own company, I’ve heard many examples of reasons. For example, if someone doesn’t perform at the level that was expected and we both agreed upon, I hear things like, “Alex, I would have gotten it done except for,” and fill in the blank.

“You don’t understand, Alex. I had so much to do,” and then the reason. “If you only knew my situation, Alex, you would,” and another reason. “Sorry, but,” and the reason. It can be annoying, but at the same time, it requires coaching.

A results-oriented person doesn’t talk that way. In my own company, we have something called IRS scoring. Every time we have a quarterly review, I have a system that’s unique to my company. It’s worked because it’s so simple and democratic. It works for both sides, both me and the team members I’m paying.

The structure of scoring, which is results-based, is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Three is average performance, four is above average, and five is way above average. In other words, outstanding. Two is below average and one is way below average. This is if there’s been a total misunderstanding or total unmet expectation or misguided intention. You don’t get a lot of ones with my company because the people aren’t around. We do this every quarter to keep the score on the results that people are getting.

Here are the things that I do. IRS doesn’t stand for Internal Revenue Service, which is the organization that collects taxes from Americans here in the US. IRS stands for Initiative, Reliability and Speed. On a 1 to 5 basis, five being outstanding, three being average and one being way below average, I ask them, “How do you feel that you did this quarter with initiative in this area?”

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We talk about what area I’m scoring them on and they look at their own initiative. In other words, personal initiative is where they’ve taken the opportunity to take leadership. I then talk about another area. There’s always a third area that we focus on. I let them give me their score of themselves. I give them the score if I think it’s north or south of their score.

Sometimes, they’ll give me a three and I’ll say, “How can you score it a three? Why did you give yourself the three?” Many times, they’re harder on themselves than they need to be. I tell them, “It was a five and here’s why.” Other times, they’ll say five. I’ll say, “I would agree with you but I’m giving you a four and here’s why.” Even though they’re scoring themselves and I’m scoring them, it’s a dialogue and not a monologue. Many times, I do a 360-degree scoring where they score me in areas of my own leadership.

R stands for reliability. I would say, “In these three areas that we’ve decided to score you on, how reliable were you? In other words, could we rely that you would get the job done?” They would give me a score and I would tell them what my score was. It means I’m paying attention throughout that quarter, which is three months.

S stands for speed. How quickly did you do things? In other words, did you do it on a timely basis? Did you do them before the deadlines that we both agreed on? Speed is important. Money buys speed. Everyone will make $1 million in their lifetime. Some people will take 50, 40, 30, even 20 years. There are a lot of people who do it in ten years. That’s $100,000 a year. The trick is to do it in a year or less. Speed is important because that’s the way you stockpile wealth.

Alexism: Incompetent Person

I hope you adopt the results mindset. I hope you realize that it’s binary. It’s, “Or,” as the most important word. You either give reasons or results. You can’t have both. This mindset will change your life and everyone you deal with. The Alexism for this episode is one I’m borrowing from my good friend and marketing mentor Roy H. Williams of Wizard Academy. Here it is, “An incompetent person with a great attitude is still an incompetent person.”

You could replace the word person with worker, friend or family member. It’s because you’ve got a great attitude that doesn’t pardon you from being incompetent in the business setting. If you’re an incompetent parent, you could be putting your kids or even spouse’s life in jeopardy under certain circumstances.

Here’s a review of the insights you and I both rediscovered in this 70th episode of All Selling Aside. They’ll only work if you apply them. Number one, you learn what the most important word for the question reasons or results is. That’s the word, “Or.” Number two, we made the distinction of why the reasons or results mindset changes lives and coaching. Number three, how to get more results versus reasons for your achievement versus accepting failure. That’s having the results mindset.

As an epilogue, reasons or results made millions of dollars for T. Harv Eker. I recommended several coaches and even had a little to do with the certification of those coaches. It went global so it was successful. Remember, these insights you learned in this episode will only work for you if you work them and if you’re results-oriented, not reasons-oriented.

Please make sure you execute what you’ve learned in all of the All Selling Aside episodes, not only this one. If you do, I believe your future will be bigger. Your future will look brighter. You’ll create your future on your own terms, which is the ultimate freedom and liberation. Is that exciting to think about? I think so.

Speaking of reviews, if you’ve already given me a review on iTunes, thank you from my heart to yours because it helps us go up the ranks. Other people get access to this show by seeing it. If you’ve already done it, then write down your biggest takeaway or a-ha moment from this episode on an index card. If you haven’t given me a review, then go to iTunes.

ASA 70 | Reasons Or Results

Reasons Or Results: Focus on the reason and you will fail, focus on the result and you have a lot higher capability and probability of succeeding.


You can do that by typing in Jual Tramadol Online and write down your biggest a-ha moment or takeaway in the reviews section. Don’t review the show or give me your a-ha moment from another episode. Do it from this episode, unless you feel another one was more valuable to you. It’ll mean much to me. Once you do that, iTunes will ask you to rate the episode.

I hope the result you’ll give me and that I’ve earned five stars as a five-star rating for this episode. Will you write, rate and subscribe to All Selling Aside, if you haven’t already done so? It’ll take three minutes out of your day. What you declare could provide you and the others reading that review a valuable learning lesson. Thank you in advance.

I do have one final gift to give you in honor of this All Selling Aside episode number 70 and that’s a physical copy of my Amazon best-selling book, Tramadol Buy Cheap. Most importantly, it’s not just the physical book you’ll get even if you’re overseas, but it’s the free access to the most reliable marketing funnel I know of that can triple what you show on the page for a free offer. If you show $7.95 for shipping and handling and the book is free, you’ll get 3 to 4 times that which makes it affordable.

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This is the show dedicated to making you an ethical influencer and more importantly, give you the result to be more certain into your life. Please do whatever it takes to join me in the next episode because our topic is Tramadol Online With Mastercard. Do you know how? Do you know how to ask for them? Do you know what to do with them? Do you know where to post them?

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I encourage you to invite a friend, colleague or study buddy to All Selling Aside because the next topic will be awesome. I think you’ll learn a lot from it and I rarely teach it. I can’t wait to connect with you. It’s super important that you bring a study buddy because it’s more fun to learn with others. I want you to join me then. I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

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