ASA 62 | Wealth Creation Formula
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In moderate cases six to eight groups are uniformly distributed along the course of the nerve. Did it come on after an error in regimen, or as the result of drug-medication, or of partaking of indigestible food, or in the course of a chronic dyspepsia ? It is a symptom of visceral disorder, and pertains to the skin in a less degree than to the stomach Are the cutaneous lesions of a reddish-brown or a deep copper color, or like the flesh of a raw ham, and without itching? It is syphilis. ; (9) photograph illustrating the effect of iodine upon the small-pox Vitiligo (a) negress; (6) restoration of pigment in some areas.

As a rule the terminal groups on the back and in the anterior median hne pass a Zoster pectoralis very often begins with a prodromal neuralgia. Cauterization with fuming nitric acid of the malignant pustule or other infective nodules and pustules, recommended by some, is occasionally effective if thorough, but if only partial it is rather injurious ; wounds are made which are favorable to the further spread of the bacilli. They are generally straight and of regular are rather large, oval, or rectangular. Such a con- nection has never been proven, and experience shows that syphilis in the parents has nothing to do with lupus

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Such a con- nection has never been proven, and experience shows that syphilis in the parents has nothing to do with lupus. The overlying epidermis is finely scaly ; in rare cases there is moderate moisture in places, resulting in the production of thin, gum-like crusts.

In the contents of the bullae and in the urine Paul Gibier found bacteria arranged like a rosary ; Spillman found bacteria in the contents of the bullae Cheap Tramadol Cod the urine, and the blood in febris bullosa ; Demme found diplococci in the contents of the vesicles and in the blood, and made pure cul- tures. Laid air-tight upon the skin they prevent the evaporation of the perspira- tion, the latter being precipitated in drops and acting as a macerat- The application of fats of all kinds is useful for the softening of the accumulated morbid products.

But after the treatment by injections I have more often observed an oedema of the eyeHds Tramadol Cheap Cod sensations of heat and burning in the skin, and intense lentiginous and chloasma-hke pigment spots of the skin, as well as Heroic doses cause a speedy disappearance of lichen ruber. The fever and attendant symptoms- The eruption appears first upon the neck and clavicular region in the form of closely aggregated Can You Get Tramadol Online pale-red or deep-red dots as large as the point of a needle. (sheep's given one capsule daily of nucleo-proteid of the thyroid as pre- pared by Dr. Toward the end of the last century and since that time it has been repeatedly claimed that pemphigus was produced by chemi- cal or mechanical disturbances of the urinary secretion

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Toward the end of the last century and since that time it has been repeatedly claimed that pemphigus was produced by chemi- cal or mechanical disturbances of the urinary secretion. If a course of sulphur is to be taken, it is usually advisable to prescribe one of the natural mineral waters containing it ; and the fact that some of these do not act as purgatives, and yet are beneficial, must not be taken to disprove my assertion, with regard to the modus operandi of sulphur, for the benefit which accrues is due to the combination of salts held in solution, as well as to the accompaniments, rest, change of air and scene. As in eczema rubrum, it appears red and moist, and the scanty secretion dries here and there into thin, varnish-like crusts which are easily torn.

We may be called upon Tramadol With Mastercard however, to treat the previously The diagnosis of cutaneous anaemia is important, not alone in order to fill out the entire pathological picture found in the patient, but also on account of the influence it exerts upon other coexisting dermatoses and morbid formations. Aphonia comes on Can You Get Tramadol Online respiration and deglutition are labored. These parts, together with the scalp, are the most frequent site of the local relapsing eruptions of the later period of syphilis

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These parts, together with the scalp, are the most frequent site of the local relapsing eruptions of the later period of syphilis. It is ex- tremely rare in men (usually unilateral), but is frequent in women (puerperal women and nurses, with or without scabies). It must be used in such amounts and in such a way that the desired object is attained most rapidly and The method may be varied according to the situation and severity In seborrhoea of the scalp the oil is applied with a hard brush Can You Get Tramadol Online a piece of sponge, or a pledget of lint, is rubbed into the crusts by pressure and friction, and the head is then covered with a flannel cap or an uncolored fez. From these vessels branches are given off to the papillae of the hair sacs and the sebaceous glands, as well as to the connective-tissue and muscular bundles. Anomaliae secretionis cutanete et glandularum cutanearum — skin affections which consist in functional and nutritive disturb- ances of the sweat and sebaceous glands, or diseases arising from 4. The confluent patches showed only this form of desquamation and moreover gave evidence of exudation with more or less erosion. The scrotum was in his experience frequently the seat of the disease Can You Get Tramadol Online rarely, however, in men under thirty-five years of age. Severe haemorrhage from the large veins is to be expected Can You Get Tramadol Online and should be treated by a compress and Acne mentagra, folliculitis barbae (Kobner), is a chronic disease of those parts of the skin which are covered with thick hairs. Two years ago Can You Get Tramadol Online he (P.) had expressed his belief in its contagiousness, and Dr. The loss of hair appears to be confined to a few follicles or groups of follicles when the latter have been destroyed by suppuration or cicatrization, as in acne, sycosis, variola, ulcerative syphilis, lupus ; or when the hair papillse have become atrophied from dense cellular infiltration, as in the papules of the small papular syphilide, lichen ruber, or lupus erythematosus ; finally, in favus and herpes ton- surans, in which the mechanical pressure and the influence of the fungous masses peculiar to these processes, together with the atten- dant inflammatory phenomena, give rise to loosening and falling-out of the hair and later to atrophy of the hair papillse and obliteration of the follicles. Three sit- tings are given every week, and in each about thirty hairs are de- stroyed without giving rise to marked local irritation, especially if aided by protective ointments and powders.

On the other hand Tramadol Cheap Cod the development of a typical pustule running a regular course is regarded as an evidence that suscepti- bility to small-pox, extinguished by previous vaccination, had arisen from its ashes and was again in active existence. Painful nodules as large as a pea had developed deep in the corium upon the neck and breast

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Painful nodules as large as a pea had developed deep in the corium upon the neck and breast. Primary nodule of psoriasis Can You Get Tramadol Online excised intra vitam (vertical section) . Auspitz has experimentally proved these phenomena on the healthy skin, as well erythema, urticaria, scarlet fever, variola and variola hsemorrhagica, Aside from these richly illustrative observations, which must be referred to the distribution of the large vessels, and have been the occasion for discussion of the common pathological questions, Auspitz has made conspicuous the origin of many of the shades of blue, besides the appearance, already noted by Hebra, of vermilion spots which brownish pigmentation, as well as the appearance of white spots around the cyanotic or vermilion ones.


You’d have to work a lot. You’d have to do a lot of massages a day and you probably would have to be on the high end and in business for yourself. How can you make $1 million? Even if you netted over $100 per massage, you’d probably have to do between 13,000 to 14,000 massages a year. That’s 60 to 70 a day. It’s impossible so you don’t change your intention which is a lot of people do. You don’t change your purpose, which many people do. They just give up.

What you do is you change the how. You change the strategy and that’s where execution comes in in step four. Let’s start with my intention when I started as an information marketer. Prior to that, because I did start in 1995, I’m a BG digital marketer before Google, I was doing consulting because I knew a lot about marketing, direct response marketing and electronic through infomercials. I wrote spot TV ads and infomercials. I was good at writing ads for video but I hadn’t done internet marketing.

The reason I got in is I couldn’t believe I could go to a website, just hang out there for an hour and that would have been over $120,000 in media buys on some of the big super stations that were available back then like WOR and WGN and all the cable networks that were there. Thanks to a guy named Ted. My intention with my business in the year 2001 was to convert my annual income and I generated $63,700 in 2001.

I don’t know if that seems a lot or not, but in the year 2000, I made $300,000 because I was working for a company on Madison Avenue in New York City. After the birth of my son in October of 2000, we moved to California because all our family was here in Northern California. There’s nothing better than grandparents for free babysitting. I left that income and my income dropped but it was all mine.

It was a little scary because we were still spending at the $300,000 level with a new family but I decided to set the intention. What I wanted was to turn my annual income of $63,700 in 2001 into a monthly income by the end of 2004. That’s 36 months. What I did is I followed the counsel of Bob Proctor, who I’ve interviewed many times and he was in the movie The Secret.

If you know the guy with the white hair, the elderly gentleman, he’s read Order Tramadol Australia over 60 times. He reads it every year. He said, “What if you could turn your annual income into a monthly income? What if you set that intention?” I did and I did it in 23 months. In November 2003, I generated over $64,000 so I got my intention in 23 months. I put up a vision board to remind me of it every single day on my wall.

It’s not the typical vision board with pictures, Ferrari’s, homes and all kinds of stuff. It had a bunch of columns. What was my purpose? The purpose to turn my annual income into a monthly income was to live a better lifestyle, have extra disposable income, and pre-fund my children’s college education. My second child came into the world in November of 2002. I had two kids and I figured, “I’ve got about 16 to 17 years to do this thing, why don’t I make a bunch of money so they don’t have to get student loans?”

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That was my purpose. Never change your intention or purpose as many people do. They give up because they never change their strategy. That’s the problem. You want to change your strategy and you want to change your execution when you go to a new level or a new stage of business growth. The strategy at $100,000 is different than $1 million. The strategy at $1 million is different than at $10 million. I don’t know if these numbers seem astronomical to you but people do it.

There are massage therapists who have developed massage businesses and they change their strategy. Massage Envy comes to mind where you no longer are doing massage. You’re in the business of massage and you’re doing marketing because every business is a marketing business. My strategy as a part of the wealth formula and to turn my annual into a monthly income is I gave the two free consultation certificates inside the sleeve of the three-ring binder.

There was an invitation and many people took me up on it. Although the prospects to my consulting, which was $5,000, was a $247 purchase of the three-ring binder. The pre-qualified prospect was one who came on one of the consultations and then I’d make a soft offer. It was a small commitment. I wouldn’t strong-arm them at all. What was my execution plan? Who was going to do these consultations? Initially, it was me and then I had an assistant scheduling the appointments.

We didn’t have all the scheduling apps that we have now like Calendly, AppointmentCore, and all that fun stuff. We didn’t have video and we didn’t have Facebook. Google was just a thumb-sucking baby back then. This was 2001 to 2002. Google’s IPO was in 2004. There was no Twitter. I don’t know if LinkedIn was around or not, but I doubt it. I’d have to look into that. My strategy was two free consultation certificates and then the execution is, I’m doing them and my assistant is scheduling them.

The Key To Wealth

Here’s the key to the wealth formula. Honestly, I learned mostly from my good friend, T Harv Eker, and my training partner at several events, this strategy. He calls it the magic number but the psychology of it is counterintuitive and it works. When you put dollars up on a board and you’re looking at it, that’s emotional. It’s emotionally charged. “How am I going to make $63,000 in a month? How am I going to do that?”

I didn’t do that. What I did is I put in units and the units were $5,000 consultation units. All I needed to do is get thirteen clients in a month at $5,000 and that’s $65,000. I would have hit my goal. The key is just to do it one month and the key is to chunk it so that you take your total income for the year and chunk it into twelve. Better yet, you can even do it weekly because if you have twelve chances to hit your goal or 52 chances as in weeks to hit your goal, then you hit the goal.

Your mind and your heart will say, “I’m worthy. I can do this. The strategy is working.” Here is what I did. I created a vision board and this vision board was nothing more than 36 columns. Each column was a month, January, February, March, April, May, June all the way to December. That was year one, 2002 and then again, January, February, March, April, May, June, that was year two, that was 2003. I did the same for 2004.

As Tony Robbins says, “I did 36 months and at the top of each of those columns, like under January, February, March, I put thirteen clients.” That was the number of units I needed. That’s different psychology because thirteen is not emotionally charged for me but $63,700 was, and still is. Thirteen clients at $5,000 is $65,000. I wrote down thirteen at the top of each column and then at the end of each month, I would write the actual number underneath the thirteen.

ASA 62 | Wealth Creation Formula

Wealth Creation Formula: When reaching your goal, you don’t change your intention and your purpose. Instead, you change the how, the strategy.


If it were three then I would put ten in brackets, which means I was ten short. If it was, let’s say ten, which I did about ten months into it, then in brackets, I put three. “I only need to do three.” I kept my intention. I kept my purpose but I found out soon that I needed a different strategy because I was getting too many clients. That vision board was driving me to hit this glass ceiling. It was a glass ceiling of complexity and a lack of scaling. It’s what Dan Sullivan would call it of Strategic Coach.

What I did is I had to revise my wealth creation formula. I had to revise step 3 and 4. I had to revise the strategy, which is how and the execution, which is who and when. Intention, which is what and purpose which is why. What do I want and why do I want it? Head and heart. That stays the same. That is immutable. It never changes. Why should it? About nine months into year one, I doubled my income. In nine months, I made more than I did in the previous twelve months.

I made $130,000 but I didn’t reach my intention of annual into monthly. I was doing well but I didn’t hit my intention. I thought, “Did I overshoot it? Did I overdo it? I didn’t go ten times. I went twelve times.” Annual into monthly is twelve times your income. I thought, “What can I do to fulfill my intention?” I changed my strategy, step three and I changed my execution process, step four. By not changing my intention or my purpose, I still offered Marketing With Postcards consultations.

I started offering certification. In other words, I was certifying people to be a Marketing With Postcards coach so they can do the consultations and get paid. It was like a business opportunity. For that, I charged $10,000 since it was a business opportunity and I would give them the clients because I was getting more clients than I could possibly handle. There wasn’t much competition back then so it wasn’t that difficult to get the traffic and I was good at conversion, and I still am.

I would have group coaching and each person had given me $10,000. At one time I had fifteen people on a teleseminar. We didn’t have video back then. They were teleseminars and they ended up becoming my coaches to scale. I started in 2001 so 2002 was the first year I was doing it. I made $63,700 in 2001. In 2002, I didn’t do any months at $63,700 and November 2003, I did it. Thirteen months instead of 36. I did it in 2/3 the time. I was proud because I changed my strategy and my execution process.

The Ascension Model

I created a new offer called certification. I charged double the amount, $10,000 and these were going to be paid coaches. That way, I could scale. Something else happened that was magical. I had an ascension model. An ascension model is the goal of marketing. It’s not only conversion but converting with ascension. When people would come into a consultation, I would seed the ascension process so they would be thinking about it. I didn’t just spring it on them later on. I did it throughout.

You start the closing process. ABC isn’t always be closing. It’s always be connecting so always connected with the end in mind like Tramadol Using Paypal by the late Stephen Covey. I would tell them, “Phase one with Marketing With Postcards is your student. You’ll learn the process. Phase two, if you choose to accept it, is to get certified as a coach. Phase three is for us to partner and I give you clients.”

They’re my clients, but you get paid and I paid him 50% of the sale, which was generous at the time and many people were telling me I’m overpaying. Can you see when you revise steps 3 and 4, which are two of the four steps of the Wealth Creation Formula, you can hit your intention? Can you see how making an annual income into a monthly income is possible with a vision board and then changing the strategy and the execution? Can you see how the wealth creation formula, the four-step process works?

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Alexism: Actions More Than Words

Intention, purpose, strategy, execution is powerful, simple and elegant. The Alexism for this episode is that actions are better than words. Well-done is better than well-said. That second part is by Benjamin Franklin and that’s public domain so I borrowed it.

Here’s a review of the insights you and I have rediscovered in this episode. Did you like it? I want you to apply these insights. Number one, what the wealth creation formula is in four simple steps, intention, purpose, strategy and execution. That’s what, why, how and then who and when for execution. Number two, you learn how I converted my annual income into a monthly income with my vision board strategy of 36 columns, no pictures, just black and white on a whiteboard.

I put units instead of dollars. A tip of the hat goes to my good friend, T Harv Eker. Number three, you also learned why revising steps two steps 3 and 4, which are two of the four steps of the wealth creation formula. Change the strategy and change the execution once the business income is changing for the better. In other words, you’re going to a new stage of growth. I’ve utilized this ever since and my life has never been the same.

I do believe that I am blessed as a result of this insight because it’s created a wonderful lifestyle for my family and I. Remember, these insights can only work for you if you work them. Please make sure you execute and you have an execution strategy of what you’ve learned. Who is going to do this? I hope you. When are you going to do it? I hope the moment you stop reading.

It’s what you’ve learned here in this episode that will make a difference because unless the wealth creation formula is utilized, it won’t work for you. If you do work it, your future will be bigger, it will look brighter and you will create it on your own terms. Creating a future on your own terms is what’s most important to me because freedom is one of my core values.

Speaking of reviews, if you have already given me a review on iTunes, then just write down your biggest takeaway or a-ha moment on an index card. If you have more than one, then write more than one index card so you can go through them. If you haven’t given me a review on iTunes, then here’s my ask. Go to Tramadol Online Prescription Uk and write down your biggest a-ha in the review section.

iTunes doesn’t ask you for an a-ha moment or an insight but I’m asking you for a specific one because I don’t want a review for the entire podcast. I want one specifically for your favorite episode and hopefully, this is one of them. You can only do one review and it would mean much to me if you haven’t done one to put it up there because I want the truth to ascend so other people can see it.

I don’t have sponsors for this episode. You can consult and coach with me if there’s availability. This is not a paid podcast where I’m getting paid by a sponsor. I’m doing it as a public service. It’s 25 years of sales and marketing know-how and mistakes into 25 minutes week after week. Once you review it, I hope I’ve earned five stars from you because iTunes will ask you to rate it. Will you review and rate this episode for me if you haven’t done so?

ASA 62 | Wealth Creation Formula

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

It will take three minutes out of your day but what you declare could provide you and others reading your review of the valuable lesson. My final gift in honor of this episode is a physical copy of my Amazon bestselling book. You can write one. You can write your own isms book. Mine is called Jual Tramadol Online. My good friend, Raymond Aaron, has Raymond-isms. My friend, Jack Wang, has Jack-isms. I’m sure your name is available. These are useful life lessons from a recovering serial entrepreneur.

I was a flashlight at one time. Flashlights do project light but they can’t burn a hole through a wall through focused and concentrated light. That’s called laser focus. I don’t mind being a serial entrepreneur at times but it’s not useful to me.

Some people can pull it off, but I can’t. You can get a free physical copy and pay for shipping and handling. There are some highly discounted other goodies along the way. There are how-to courses. They’re called one-time offers. Take a peek at some of them. They’re cool. There’re web communication secrets, productivity secrets, and push-button influence. Take a look at them as you go through that whole process.

You’ll also get free membership access to my $497 eCourse called Virtual book Tour Secrets 2.0. I did the 1.0 version back in 2007 and I retired in 2010 because I no longer did teleseminars. Nowadays, we do with Facebook Live and it practically guarantees Amazon bestseller status and reviews, which are difficult to get.

If you get the book then you’ll get free access to that as a result of this show. That does it for this episode. I hope our paths cross again. This is the show dedicated to making you an ethical influencer, which is a learnable skill and you’ll have more certainty in your personal and professional life. Please do whatever it takes to join me next episode because our topic is called the DELTA Selling Process. It was developed by Jerry Acuff and it’s in a book.

I teach it fairly well almost as good as he does. I encourage you to invite a friend or a colleague or just invite a study buddy. It’s free. I can’t wait to connect with you. It’s going to be a super fun episode and you’ll love it. I want you to join us with your study buddy.

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