Have you been around since episode 1? If so, you probably remember my pigeon story. (And if not, I recommend you go back and listen to it now, then come back to this episode.) If you need a quick refresher, here are the basics. I had just lost quite a lot of money through my business, and got kicked out of my apartment, so I had to move back in with my mom. Naturally, I felt tremendous guilt and shame.

I sat on a park bench to think about my life, and how to get out of the mess that I had gotten into. That was absolutely the rock bottom of my life. As I sat there, I watched an elderly woman feeding pigeons. She held seeds in the palm of her hand, and walked slowly toward the pigeons (who walked away). She then turned around and walked away from the pigeons, who started following her. They repeated this dance several times, with the distance between the woman and the pigeons getting closer and closer every time.

The pigeons had started as blocks of ice. As they danced with the elderly woman, they got warmer and warmer, as they grew more and more interested in the seeds she held and trusting of her. Eventually, one pigeon came up and pecked at the bird seed in her hand. That was the leader, which was closely followed by some first followers. Through this story, you’ve heard about the five stages of conversion: ice, cold, warm, hot, and steam (the first pigeon and first followers).

In today’s episode, I’ll dig deep into how the five stages of conversion that I’ve revealed in this story. I’ll also explore three key insights related to this concept:

  • Why most professionals overlook two of the five stages of conversion
  • Why the five stages of conversion are a process, not five separate events
  • Why the five stages of conversion system is critical to the growth of your business

Don’t miss this powerful episode that can truly transform the way you do business and help you bring prospects all the way through the process.

In This Episode:
[03:59] – We hear about the three key insights that Alex will talk about over the course of today’s episode of the podcast.
[05:31] – Alex recalls and recaps the pigeon story that he shared in episode 1, over a year ago.
[10:48] – As Alex sat on the park bench, he explains, he watched an elderly woman feeding pigeons. He explains how she eventually got the pigeons to eat from her hand.
[15:17] – Through this story, Alex has explained the five stages of conversion. He explains that the key is to identify the stage you’re in.
[18:24] – Alex reiterates that conversion is a process, not an event. He then lists the five stages of the process.
[20:12] – We learn about the three stages that most people teach, and why leaving out two stages is a problem.
[23:22] – Marketing and conversion are about movement, Alex explains, and relates this to his previous points about the five stages of conversion.
[24:36] – Here’s the Alexism for today: “Wildly successful business owners focus on progress, not performance.”
[25:52] – We hear a review and recap of the main points that Alex has covered today, including the three key points that he has explored. Alex also shares another story about pigeons and treating them as if they were at a different stage.
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