I don’t usually give the answers right away, but today, the topic is so important that I’m going to go straight for those answers. You can create a new movement, and you do so through three important elements:

  1. creating (or learning) a new language
  2. building a new community
  3. developing new leadership

Ready to learn more about what this means, and how to implement these steps? Let’s start with the story of William G. Wilson (or Bill W.). In 1935, he found himself standing in a hotel lobby craving alcohol during a business trip. He narrowed his options down to two: order a drink in the hotel bar, or ask another recovering alcoholic for help.

Fortunately, Bill chose the latter. He ended up arranging a meeting with Dr. Bob, an alcoholic surgeon. Their meeting was supposed to last 15 minutes, but they ended up talking for hours. They forged a deep friendship, which also led to Dr. Bob’s sobriety and the launch of Alcoholics Anonymous. As you’ll learn in this episode, the organization meets those three elements I mentioned of creating a new movement.

If you’re not sure how this applies to your business, or how to use this information to create a movement of your own, this is the episode for you! I’ll dig deep into how these points about movement-building and recidivism relate to you, an ethical influencer. This is a powerful episode that I believe can truly help you turn your business into a movement, so don’t miss out.

In This Episode:
[03:38] – This episode’s three key insights are the three parts of creating a movement, Alex explains, and lists the parts.
[05:21] – Alex launches into today’s story, which is about one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.
[08:49] – We learn that Dr. Bob also gained sobriety through the friendship that he and Bill W. formed.
[09:18] – Alex relates this story to his points about beginning a new movement, pointing out that AA had a new language, a new community, and new leadership.
[10:12] – We hear about the growth of AA, and the three reasons why the organization has lasted so well through the years.
[11:49] – Alex explains what recidivism means, and explores how it relates to creating a business movement.
[13:43] – The concept of creating a movement has a good side and a bad side, Alex points out.
[15:05] – We learn more about the dark side of creating a movement.
[16:23] – How do Alex’s points about recidivism and creating a movement relate to you, as an ethical influencer?
[21:23] – Alex talks about building a community, and how this functions for him. He then digs into what a first follower is.
[23:47] – We hear about the reason why Bill W. and Dr. Bob’s legacy is still in existence and growing.
[24:39] – The Alexism for today’s episode is this: “If you’re a true business leader, and you’ve completed your job, then all your followers say, ‘We did it ourselves!’!
[25:21] – Alex reviews the insights that he has explored and rediscovered in today’s episode, including the three parts of creating a movement.
[27:05] – Speaking of reviews, it’s your turn! Head to this link and leave your biggest takeaway from today’s episode as your review of the show.
[28:33] – Alex offers listeners a final gift: completely free access to his four-part video e-training course. Save the usual $197 cost by getting started at this link!

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