Zig Ziglar used to tell a story about three men cutting stone a few hundred years ago. A passerby asked the first stonecutter, “What are you doing?” The first man responded, “I’m cutting stone.”

The passerby asked the second man the same question. This time, the response was, “I’m earning a living.”

Finally, the passerby asked the third man what he was doing. And this time, the answer was completely different: “I’m building a cathedral.”

Which of the three responses is a legacy response? I bet you already understand that it’s the third. You see, there are three types of purpose: a daily purpose, a life purpose, and a legacy purpose. The final type is the one that involves creating something that will live on for future generations. If you’re not sure what your legacy purpose is, you’re not alone. But you might be surprised by just how easy it is to figure out!

My strategy for figuring out your legacy purpose involves what I call the “five why” deep dive. In today’s conversation, I’ll go into depth about how this works and how it can help you discover your own seed cause (as opposed to your root cause). By asking “why” you want to do something, why that reason is important, why that’s important, and so on, until you’ve asked “why” four or five times, you’ll reach your seed cause.

Tune into this episode to let me help you understand exactly how to use this method to find your legacy purpose. You’ll also learn about the four parts of the process of manifestation, as well as two other key insights into becoming a highly skilled ethical influencer: why your business legacy is a decision you make while you’re still living, and why your legacy is about your purpose, not your intention or strategy.

In This Episode:
[03:30] – Welcome to the show! Alex talks about the three key insights into becoming a highly skilled ethical influencer that he’ll talk about today.
[04:49] – We hear about the ongoing legacy of Zig Ziglar, as well as a story of his that reveals the meaning of a legacy response.
[06:54] – Alex talks about why your business legacy is a decision that you make while you’re still living.
[07:56] – We learn an easy way to figure out your legacy purpose.
[10:01] – Alex talks about the seed cause as opposed to the root cause, and explains that the seed cause needs to go very deep.
[10:52] – We hear about some people who have left legacies over the years, and learn that it doesn’t necessarily mean a positive thing.
[12:17] – Your legacy isn’t about your intention or strategy, but about what you will leave behind for generations, Alex points out.
[14:04] – We learn about the importance of commitment when it comes to leaving a legacy.
[15:39] – Alex shares an experiment you can do to overcome the fear of objections and rejection when you’re enrolling someone.
[16:09] – Today’s Alexism is this: “Business leaders who know, but don’t do, still don’t know.” We then learn about the four parts of the process of manifestation.
[17:48] – Alex gives the example of a massage therapist who wants to make a million dollars a year.
[19:36] – We hear a quick review of the insights that Alex has covered today.
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