Imagine you’re in Italy in the 18th century, in a small village with 200 winemakers. The mayor of the village has decided to plan a feast, and has invited all of the local vintners to bring their best wine to him. He would mix all the wines in a barrel, and the feast would feature the best wine ever made.

One of the vintner’s had a wife who pointed out that no one would notice if they contributed a glass of water instead of wine. Her husband shrugged and went along with the idea. A week later, at the feast, the mayor dipped his glass into the barrel. Guess what he pulled out?

Water. You see, everyone had come up with the same idea as that vintner and his wife. The moral of the story is that in any kind of joint venture, it’s all too easy to end up with very little support. This is where the four laws of karma come into play:

  1. The law of expansion.
  2. The law of likeness.
  3. The law of cause.
  4. The law of effect.

Tune into this episode to learn more about all of these laws! You’ll also learn how to apply the laws with your JV partners, the four questions I ask my students and clients, the four ways to play any game in life or in business, and how to find proven JV partners to support your movement or marketing campaign. If you’re ready to play to win with the support of JV partners, this is the episode for you!

In This Episode:
[03:35] – Alex introduces the key insights that he’ll cover in today’s episode.
[04:47] – We go back to a small village in 18th century Italy, where the mayor tried to hold a feast featuring amazing wine.
[07:18] – What’s the moral of this story?
[08:20] – Alex introduces listeners to the four laws of karma, and explains what the law of expansion is.
[09:30] – We learn more about the law of likeness, the law of cause, and the law of effect.
[11:57] – Alex shares a question that he always asks his students and his clients: what game are you playing?
[11:36] – There are only four ways to play a game, Alex explains.
[14:53] – How do you find the right JV partners?
[18:27] – If you play a winnable game, you can only get two possible results: either you win or you learn.
[20:10] – Alex gives examples of how the four laws of karma and the moral of the village wine story apply.
[24:21] – We learn that Alex has experienced many product launches where people promised to promote to their lists, then it didn’t happen.
[25:04] – We hear a quick review of the insights that Alex has explored over the course of today’s episode.
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