Let’s talk about New York City. Even if you’ve never been there, you probably know that it’s home to the Empire State Building. Completed in 1931, this 102-story building stands a total height of 1,454 feet (or about 444 meters). Even now, decades later, the Empire State Building is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States.

Enough about the building’s height, though; let’s talk about its foundation. The excavation for the foundation went down over 50 feet, and then had to be built back up to the street level. Without a foundation this deep and solid, the building would never be able to rise so tall.

Is your business built on a deep foundation? What about your selling process? Or are they built on quicksand? The deeper the foundation, the taller the buildingand it’s no different in business. In business, though, the foundation means the relationships. A foundation means asking for a commitment that advances your prospect for the next step, not just trying to quickly close the sale.

Can you begin the foundation, and already start selling? With a building, can you start working on the interior while the structure of the upper floors is still being built? Can you start selling for occupancy before the building is complete? Tune into this episode to learn about the answers to these questions, and the powerful lessons that you can learn for your business from these concepts.

You’ll also learn three specific powerful insights, which you may already be beginning to understand from all this talk of foundations:

Why there are only three reasons why entrepreneurs fail in business.
Why building a business foundation determines your growth level.
Why the “J-curve” growth principle is about your market, not just your message.

In This Episode:
[03:43] – We hear a list of the three key insights into becoming an ethical influencer that Alex will cover in this episode.
[05:12] – Alex talks about the Empire State Building in New York City.
[07:45] – The foundation for the Empire State Building goes over 50 feet deep, Alex explains.
[08:57] – Is your business supported with a deep foundation? Alex digs into what having a deep foundation means for a business.
[11:28] – Alex talks about whether you can build a foundation and immediately start selling.
[12:45] – Everything needs to go down before it goes up, Alex points out, and relates this to the J-curve model for business growth.
[15:52] – Alex explains the three reasons why people fail: they don’t start, they don’t finish, or they don’t continue.
[17:34] – The foundation isn’t about your message, Alex points out, and illustrate what he means with the example of the iPod.
[18:57] – We move away from buildings, with Alex using nature to explain the value of having a strong foundation.
[21:07] – Alex talks about ice hockey, and why he doesn’t believe in hockey-stick growth.
[22:32] – We learn about the stages and pattern of growth in business, as explained by Clate Mask.
[24:36] – Alex shares today’s Alexism: “There are two types of problems entrepreneurs face each day: the ones they have now, and the ones they will have.”
[26:24] – Alex recaps and reviews the insights and points that he has explored in today’s episode.
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