ASA 44 | What Entrepreneurs Lack
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'All we know of it is that it is always symmetrical in its progress. Swelling, weeping, and formation of crusts develop very gradually An eczema of this character lasts three to six weeks, according to the severity and extent of the disease

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Swelling, weeping, and formation of crusts develop very gradually An eczema of this character lasts three to six weeks, according to the severity and extent of the disease. These lesions, however, are not charac- teristic of scabies unless they are associated with the burrows.. The nodules of the cutis, which were situated Although I attempted to fix the clinical distinctness of this form by its nomenclature, still I suspect that an etiological and nosologi- cal relationship will develop between the different forms of mycosis fungoides, lymphodermia perniciosa, and certain forms of sarcoma- This view is favored by the occurrence of certain forms of eczema- like disease which have come under my observation. Attentive observation is required that you may become familiar with these difficulties, and thus avoid the commission of errors which would be prejudicial alike to your own reputation and the welfare of your patients.— L' Union Medicate, July 23, 1882. -fa Tramadol Using Mastercard increasing gradually to an amount sufficient to keep skin moist reaching eventually a dose of gr. As the exudation always takes place from- the papillary vessels, the product will always be found beneath the horny cell layer which forms the base of the cuniculus. Sclerous lupus is a tuber- cular lupus which has become fibrous ; it bears the same relation to tubercular Histologically, the different varieties of erythematous lupus are characterized by a diffuse infiltration of the derma, the return of the walls of the vessels to an embryonic state, the tendency to hemorrhage, vascular dilatation, etc. On the 21st Tramadol Using Mastercard a severe attack of colic was followed by convulsive action. The eczematous eruption consists, in general, of discrete papules and vesicles, which are combined with pustules, crusts, and bloody excoriations in proportion as the scratching is more energetic. 3~J- ) twice daily which was gradually increased till he was taking five daily

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3~J- ) twice daily which was gradually increased till he was taking five daily. Differences appear, however, both with regard to the local and the concomitant symptoms, according to the seat, form, extent, the morphological and chemical character of the infiltration, and termination of the inflammation, and, finally, Accordingly the inflammation may under all circumstances affect either the uppermost layers of the skin only, or the cutis in the entire depth to the subcutaneous cellular tissue ; it may manifest itself mainly by redness and serous transudation which terminates in re- solution (dermatitis erythematosa), or by a; more plastic infiltration of the parenchyma which is apt to lead to suppuration (dermatitis phlegmonosa) ; or it may furnish a rapidly coagulating fibrinous exudation which determines molecular decomposition (dermatitis diphtheritica) ; or it may be associated with the necrosis of larger masses of tissue (dermatitis gangreenosa et escharotica, gangrene) ; or it may be combined with the formation of bullte by a serous effu- sion into the epidermal layers (dermatitis Jbullosa). a series of Illustrations, with Descriptive Text and Notes upon Treat- ment. taken to find out just what takes place in the tissues during respect to obliteration and beauty of subsequent scar obtained. In the genito-crural fold, the axilla, and on the mons veneris the patches may be ele- vated even into larger tumors with steep margins, whose surface may be as described, or show here and there numerous roundish and crateriform depressions, or superficial excoriation, weeping, and pos- sibly ulceration

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In the genito-crural fold, the axilla, and on the mons veneris the patches may be ele- vated even into larger tumors with steep margins, whose surface may be as described, or show here and there numerous roundish and crateriform depressions, or superficial excoriation, weeping, and pos- sibly ulceration. Its mode of de- velopment is also shown by the chronic inflammatory condition of Recovery will occur if the ulcer is not too deep and extensive Tramadol Using Mastercard but is impossible when the involved surface is large and when the edges The treatment is conducted according to general surgical princi- relieved by a horizontal or elevated position of the limb and the ap- plication of cold. This condition lasted ten years Tramadol Using Mastercard and not alone interfered with the use of the hands, but was also very painful, because there were constant suppurations beneath the nail. This is most clearly shown by erythema solare Tramadol Using Mastercard the redness being exactly limited by the line where the neighboring skin was protected, as, for instance, by bath- ing-trunks. Eighth Edition by Heney Power, M.B., F.R.O.S., Examiner in Natural Science, University of Oxford, and in Natural Science and Medicine, University of Cambridge

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Eighth Edition by Heney Power, M.B., F.R.O.S., Examiner in Natural Science, University of Oxford, and in Natural Science and Medicine, University of Cambridge. Keratomalacia may occur ■as a sequel of septic scarlatina and gangrene. Their almost exclusive occurrence in persons who have eczematous or other cu- taneous disorders at the time of vaccination, emphasizes the importance of a rule of action which was recognized and insisted upon by the earlier vaccinists, but which has since been recklessly disregarded, viz. All fatty remedies, such as balsam of Peru, styrax, etc., possess the disadvantage that, under their administration, the eczema does not dry up, and the cuniculi become pale, succulent, and colorless on account of the swelling of their epidermic covering

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All fatty remedies, such as balsam of Peru, styrax, etc., possess the disadvantage that, under their administration, the eczema does not dry up, and the cuniculi become pale, succulent, and colorless on account of the swelling of their epidermic covering. In this respect Tramadol Using Mastercard and regarding the manner and mode of in- fection, together with the symptoms of general and intestinal disease in anthrax (mycosis intestinalis), I refer to books on special surgery In view of its source, anthrax occurs usually in knackers, cattle- men, and persons coming in contact with the bodies and offal of animals affected with anthrax ; now and then it is due to the bites of Glanders in man, maliasmus (malleus humidus, equinia, farcy), which arises by the transmission of the same disease from the horse (animals) to man, manifests itself either as a local affection in the same way as all phlegmons produced by inoculated organic poisons, by inflammation, suppuration, gangrene, lymphangitis, adenitis, me- tastatic suppuration, and may prove fatal by pyaemia or terminate Otherwise general infection ensues, with or without preceding local affection. To the casual observer, it appears much thinner than the skin of the negro, suggesting the idea of the obliteration of the rete mucosum

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To the casual observer, it appears much thinner than the skin of the negro, suggesting the idea of the obliteration of the rete mucosum. It reappeared in November, 1876, and every succeeding November until 1880 inclusive.


He said, “No way. We’re filling these events with teleseminars. They did the same thing with Mark Victor Hansen’s events. I did the same thing with Agora publishing at some of their events with their marketing divisions.” I thought, “Okay.” I did teleseminar secrets and that started in 2004. Over the course of six and a half years, I made over $14 million.

Not just intuition, but in consulting, speaking gigs and developing another course called Tramadol Using Paypal, then Podcast Secrets with Paul Colligan. Also, Tramadol Online Prescription Uk with my good friend Joe Polish. There were Internet Optimization Secrets, Web Communication Secrets, and Business Productivity Secrets. Name a secret score. I got the idea originally back in 2002 for my friend, John Reese.

John is acknowledged of having the first million-dollar day in August 2006 through a joint venture process, doing a launch. Jeff Walker who has the product launch formula, cut his teeth in helping John have that million-dollar day. For Jeff, the rest is history with his masterminds and his events. He’s brilliant. He and his brother John are good friends of mine.


The reason I’m telling you this is because none of these courses and none of the millions of dollars made over the years, none of them were scalable. If you know what a sine wave looks like, it goes up and down. That’s what would happen, it would be episodic. Make a few million and then do another course. It’s like writing a book, be a best-selling author then write another book.

Even if you repurpose it, which has been the topic of other episodes, you’re still having that ebb and flow that up and down wave like a sine wave where you got to keep working because if something happens to you the business doesn’t grow on its own. Are you smelling what I’m stepping in? As my friend, Erich Lingenfelter says, “The point is not about having a hit or a joint venture or a summit.” He was one of my first webmasters, still good friends.

I created the first teleseminar summit back in 2005, where I interviewed 45 people over the course of a week. It was exhausting. We made a few million dollars and then there was a launch of a software as a service product called Jual Tramadol Online. I developed audio products when audio was not online called audio generator with Armand Morin and our other partner Rick Raddatz.

We created the Instant Video Generator which was before the time of YouTube. These were all software as a service before they even called it that but we did not scale. We were making money and it was passive but we didn’t scale. Why? What is scaling defined? My simple definition is, it’s how you grow your business where your physical presence is not required to grow your business. You’re not focusing on your clients, customers, patients, students or members.

You’re not focusing on your prospects and your buyers. You are focusing on building your team. Clients do not come first. Employees and team members come first. If you take care of your team, they will take care of your clients. That’s from Sir Richard Branson who knows how to scale a business. People who have scaled and started the same time I did, many times when I’m on stage I say, “My unique ability is turning my students into my teachers.”

[bctt tweet=”Scaling your business means growing it without your presence. ” username=”AlexMandossian”]

I call it irritating and it gets a laugh from time to time. I used to be a little resentful about it but as I got more mindful and grew emotionally, I would look at why are they passing me up with exposure, with wealth, and with the size of their company? We started at the same time. Why are they passing me up? Are they better teachers? I don’t think so. Are they better presenters? I don’t think so. Do they know more about marketing than I do?

Some of them do but the level of difference between the marketers is maybe 1% to 5% points and knowledge. What makes them different so that they have surpassed me? I’ll name some names so that you know. I’m not talking about Richard Branson, Elon Musk, JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series or even Oprah Winfrey. These are people that you may or may not know but what did they do differently? I’ll tell you what they did.

When the McDonald’s Brothers started optimizing their first McDonald’s store in San Bernardino, California, they optimized as I did. They had stick strategies where people would keep coming back. They had their own process inside the restaurant so that they would pound out hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes faster than any restaurant. They had, not one milkshake mixer machine but eight.

A guy named Ray Kroc comes along and he looks at this concept. He says, “Why don’t we cookie cut it and scale it?” I don’t know if that’s what he said but there’s a movie about it. Ray Kroc was a milkshake mixer salesperson and he said, “Why are the McDonald’s Brothers buying eight when everyone else is buying one?” The answer is scaling. What Ray Kroc did is he took the concept. He got some investors and he opened several thousand stores.

He wasn’t making money because he needed more money to build more stores. Until he stumbled upon the idea and some people say there was some nefarious contractual things that went on and Kroc, wasn’t very nice. I don’t know if he is, he was or wasn’t I never met the man. What he stumbled upon is turning the McDonald’s business, the scalability not just in selling hamburgers, French fries and everything else.

They sell your chicken McNuggets and whatever they have now in almost every sovereign nation in the world. What he figured out is, “Let’s be in the real estate business. We’ll get a franchise fee, from our franchisee. We have the system. Everything is documented but we’re in the real estate business. We will lease the land back to the franchisee as the franchisor. We’ll win by not losing.”

No matter how well that store does, at least get the money from the rent after buying the land. If you want to know a good location in real estate, check out where McDonalds is because they’re probably are the best at vetting land and that has a lot of foot traffic. I’ll give you some names. In the coaching business, Dan Sullivan. He scaled that business into the millions. Clate Mask, he and I started around the same time.

When I got Infusionsoft, which I still use today and my URL is Tramadol Buy Cheap which takes me back to 2003. What Clate did is, he scaled Infusionsoft. He build it up and they changed locations. Clate was about the people, not about the product and not about the prospects. Ryan Deiss comes to mind. He was one of my students for Marketing with Postcards. Ryan took a concept. He’s a good copywriter.

ASA 44 | What Entrepreneurs Lack

What Entrepreneurs Lack: Scaling is the financial freedom, not selling.


He hooked up with another friend of mine and a student of Teleseminar Secrets, Perry Belcher. They were building and they’re doing quite well. They weren’t scaling, they were doing what I was doing only at a much higher level. They were much more skilled at attracting traffic than converting it. They have a traffic and conversion seminar.

When Roland Frasier comes along, who’s a good friend, he was a student of theirs, he belonged to a Mastermind called the Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery, he invested and he focused on scaling. They kept scaling and focusing on teams and people versus just prospects, offers, and the product. Not the customer but building the right employees. Another person who works for a digital marketer who is brilliant.

I met him at one of the big seminars many years ago, Richard Lindler. He handles the human resources and teaching those teams how to grow. The leadership teams at digital marketer in Austin. You have this Tramadol Online With Mastercard that’s been scaled and many agencies come to it. Digital marketing has gone almost to the dot-com level. Not selling on vapor or air but real live certification programs that can’t be knocked off.

Roland run something that started with 500 people. There are over 6,500 people going. I go every year. Ryan Deiss scaled Tramadol Online Buy. Perry Belcher scaled something that was an expense for digital marketer, about $70,000 a month to my understanding which is getting content from teams in the Philippines. He created something called Tramadol Orders. Rowland and Ryan had a lot to do with it, at least with ideas.

What Plattr does is, for less than $10,000, getting access to the same team but different content. You would have different content than a digital marketer. To be search engine optimized and bring organic traffic in, in addition to your paid traffic. Ivan Misner, he franchised this concept called Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally. He wasn’t a business person.

For twenty years, he was networking, but then he thought, “Why don’t I have these organizations and we can have many of these groups and every city where there was one flavor per seat?” In other words, you have a dentist, you have a chiropractor, you have a wedding planner and you have several people, there’s a ritual and a routine. They meet once a week and they’re giving each other leads.

There are other organizations like, LeTip and others that do the same thing. No one has done it better than Ivan because he focused on the people. Therefore, financial freedom comes from scaling. David Allred, the name you may not know, in less than four years, he built a $20 million company that keeps growing and he sells wine. It’s a different kind of wine. Tramadol Pills Online is the name.

He did something that I didn’t do in the beginning and because of his past life in the financial planning niches, he was a good documenter and still is. He’s a good friend of mine. Through monthly recurring income, selling wine shipped from Napa and other parts of the country. They are being sold to people who normally wouldn’t drink wine or don’t drink the kind of wine that they have.

[bctt tweet=”Focus on teams and people versus just prospects, offers, and the product. Not the customer but building the right employees.” username=”AlexMandossian”]

He built and scaled that company so he’s not a slave to the business. Dave Asprey comes to mind. He made a bunch of money, $6 million when he was working for a dot-com. The Bulletproof Coffee or the Bulletproof Company, he scaled that. It could have been like Teleseminar Secrets. It could have been like Push Button Influence, Guerrilla Marketing Online or all the other secrets courses. It could have just been coffee.

Where he’s shipping and packing himself but he built teams. Dr. Jack Bairamian, a fellow Armenian, he’s a client of mine and he’s a dentist. In Dentistry, it’s very difficult to sell the office for more than 0.5 or 0.6 multiple. If you make $1 million, you sell that office to another dentist for $600,000 and that’s considered good. Why? When the dentist leaves, all the patients leave with him or her. Jack has figured out how to have an agnostic patient base where they don’t need to focus on the dentist.

It’s whatever dentist you get. It’s all based on insurance. They’re mostly Hispanic speaking in the Los Angeles area. Eight offices built over the course of under fourteen years. They’re doing $2 million to $3 million each, based on insurance not cosmetic dentistry like the high-ticket Dentist. It’s unbelievable. Tucker Max comes to mind. You may know him for Best Place To Order Tramadol Online. He has built it since he changed its name, but he’s in Austin. He’s a good friend and he focused on scaling.

The Key To Scaling: Documentation

Pete Vargas, Tramadol Online Price, he has scaled his business. In fact, I’ve approached him after going to one of his intensives and saying, “This business is scaled. Can I take it to Australia? It needs to be there. I know a lot about the Australian Market. My life partner lives there, Sandra Bravo. It wouldn’t be difficult for me to take what he has and take my skills and grow it there.” Why am I telling you all this? The key to scaling and the key to my failure in scaling is documentation.

If your life is worth living, it’s worth recording, that’s called a journal. Some people journal, some people don’t. Documentation is the step by step process where you can hand a sheet or a video or screenshots to someone else with little training. They can take it over because it’s been documented and that’s something I didn’t do.

If you start with the mindset of scaling, even if you’re starting from scratch, it’ll take you an extra 20% of the time to document and then you don’t have to do what I’m doing. Going back to my team, going back to what I do, and spend an extra 20% to 25% of my time documenting step-by-step writing down the purpose of that activity.

Putting it on a priority basis so it fits with the core values of the company. I have to thank and a tip of the hat goes to Richard Lindler because at one of the intensives that the War Room puts on I asked him I said, “How do you scale if you haven’t scaled?” It’s embarrassing for me to ask because I’m the dinosaur of the group. I go back to 1995 which makes me BG, Before Google. It’s hard for me to raise my hand and say, “How do you do it?”

He said, “Just spend an extra 20% to 25% of the time. Have your team write down what they do versus trying to write it down without them doing it,” which makes a lot of sense. There’s not much thinking if you do the thing. Let’s say Facebook live, writing a curriculum or doing a weekly huddle. If you just document it, write down the purpose of it and then what it is supposed to achieve. You can do videos and screenshots and it can be written as well. It’s up to you. I know what I prefer.

ASA 44 | What Entrepreneurs Lack

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

You’ll have something that’s documented in version one’s better than version none. David Allred of Dry Farm Wines, he has a business that he can exit out of. I don’t. If something happens to me, no one’s going to take over the guru business I’ve built which I’m shifting and I finally got it after 25 years. Scaling is the financial freedom, not the selling. Team training is something else besides documentation.

It involves not only documenting it but training your team so that they can, on an ongoing basis, support what they’re doing. In that way when a team member leaves, you’re not going to feel like you lost a limb of your body, which I felt many times when team members went out and they stole from me, unfortunately. Others left because they had other offers. They took what they learned and then I had a gaping hole in my company.

Training, based on the documentation is another part of scaling. Third, onboarding consistency. Onboarding is when someone comes in. What do you do consistently? Documentation is consistent. It can change over time. I’m sure French fries made differently now than it was 25 years ago. The onboarding consistency means everyone gets the same experience coming in.

That way they’re going through this veil of experience that will ultimately make the company grow like Richard Branson has created many companies. I don’t believe he owns any of them, but he does get a royalty, 6% according to sources of mine. It’s his brand when he puts his name on to something without owning any real estate to the businesses and having the responsibility of training people.

He’s built the concept where it’s fun to work at like Virgin Airlines, they are fun to fly. People are just different like Southwest Airlines here in the United States. You have this onboarding consistency where everyone is getting the same experience. The fourth thing is company culture. What is the rhythm of the company? What’s the culture? Number one, step-by-step documentation. Number two, team training on that documentation.

Number three, the onboarding which requires documentation and training. Number four, the company culture. What is the overarching beliefs of the company? I can go over case study by case study. I can talk about McDonald’s and Starbucks and Subway. I already mentioned BNI, Business Network International. I can mention 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Fastsigns, Made Pro, and Precision Concrete Cutting. There’s a bunch of franchises out there that maybe you haven’t even heard of.

Seven Things Needed To Scale

In sales, Sandler Training, Visiting Angels for the elderly, it’s a franchise and Snap-on Tools which is a high-quality franchise. They’ve all documented. They all have training. They all have onboarding and they have a culture. The strategies to scaling are ultimately to get seven things and here they are, number one, transfer ability. All of these are abilities. Can you transfer a body of knowledge to someone else?

If you can’t, you’re not scaled. Number two, exit ability. Can you exit your business and sell it to someone so they could read your financials and they have the documentation so they can take over with very little trouble and struggle? Exit ability. Number three, adaptability. Do you adapt and are you up to speed the way companies like Motorola and Apple and other great companies that are in the tech field? Have you adapted to the marketing landscape?

[bctt tweet=”If your life is worth living, it’s worth recording.” username=”AlexMandossian”]

Number four, manageability. Is the business manageable? There are managers and you have an executive team who’s managing people underneath them so it works without you having to troubleshoot all the time like I do in my business. I’m shedding that skin and it’s great. I didn’t like the document. When I finally understood the importance of documentation, I realized how ignorant I was regardless of my marketing know-how.

You could call this episode of confession number 44, What Entrepreneurs Lack Most. You don’t have to do it yourself. You can have other people do it for you. Focus on your team, not on your customers or products. That’s how you scale. Refer ability. What’s the best company in the world for referrals? I would say it’s between Amazon and Apple. Have you ever seen an Amazon commercial? I don’t think I have.

They’re referable because Jeff Bezos has had this ability to scale the company starting with books and then building it, getting $0.24 on every $1 spent on the internet. He’s currently the richest man on earth, in legitimate money. There are other people who have money but they don’t make the charts because they make them in other ways. You can read between the lines there.

He’s surpassed, Bill Gates. He surpassed the Walton family of Walmart. He’s surpassed Warren Buffett and everybody else. Worth over $100 billion or probably more. That’s important to have refer ability. Brand ability, is the people identify your brand? Do they know what it means? Some of the company like the strategic coach, BNI, Bulletproof, DigitalMarketer, Trafficking Conversion or Infusionsoft, they’re not the McDonald’s of the world or the Starbucks but they have brand ability.

They have the ability to have a brand and people recognize. The seventh is growth ability. The ability to grow and change and you have these different levels of business growth. If you’re making $100,000 and you go to $1 million, don’t think for a moment you’re going to have the same team. I didn’t want to let go of my team members when I first made $1 million back in 2003 because I felt bad. You got to bring new team members.

If you go from $1 million to $3 million then $10 million, the company at $10 million is not going to look the same. You’re not going to do the same things at $10 million as you would be at $1 million. This may be way above your dreams of what you want to do. Maybe you’re just getting started, maybe you make less than six figures or maybe you make seven figures. If you think of scaling from the beginning then at least you will lean into that and live into it.

You don’t have to surrender your business and what you know to scale. I’ve given you scaling strategies. Transfer ability, number one. Number two, exit ability. Number three, adaptability. Number four, manageability. Five, refer ability, think Amazon. Number six, brand ability, think Apple. Number seven, growth ability. I made those up. I hope they’re useful to you. The true purpose of scaling is to plan with the end in mind.

Even if you’re not going to exit in a business, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a sellable business where you could transfer it? You could transfer the wealth? There’s going to be the greatest transfer of wealth with Baby Boomers expiring. That means dying in the next twenty years. Are they ready for that? Are their businesses scaled? Have they set up their finances so that they’re estate planning? David Allred was an estate planner.

[bctt tweet=”The true purpose of scaling is to plan with the end in mind.” username=”AlexMandossian”]

He runs Dry Farm Wines. By being an estate planner, it gave him the unique ability to see the power of documentation, which he did from the very beginning. Everything between inventory and other things involved with wine. Importing all their wine from outside the United States. He found a partner who’s very good with people. You have the project person and the people person and you have the beginning of a great team.

You need the integrator and the managers that come in between. Stephen Covey Sr. comes to mind. I interviewed him once. He wrote Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight. One of the great and biggest-selling business books of all time. He didn’t have scaling in mind. He was a professor at Brigham Young University. He wrote a book. He repurposes some of the content in that book. It took shape into the marketplace. Let’s say he’s making $3 million.

His son Stephen MR Covey, who’s a friend of mine whom I know. He’s a Harvard MBA. He comes along and cuts to deal with Online Rx Tramadol. They do the day-timer books and the planning books. Franklin Covey even gave the initial name to Franklin. You have a $300 million business that scaled. You can’t scale a publishing company writing a bunch of books but you can scale when you morph into another company and make yours not only transferable but documented.

Quick Review Of The Episode

Remember, the team focuses on this episode. “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients,” Sir Richard Branson. Let’s take a quick review of what you learned. Number one, why lacking focus on business scaling prevents your financial freedom. There is no freedom in having a lot of customers. You have less freedom. There’s no freedom in coming up with new offers and courses like I did in the early days.

There is freedom in building teams so you have the focus on scaling and not just selling episodically so your business looks like sine wave going up and down. Number two, how to scale your business without surrendering what you do. Richard Lindler taught me to spend it at least another 20% to 30% even of the time doing something then writing it down.

That’s not going to be the final version. That’s the beginning. You have something. It’s like the initial pieces of the puzzle before it takes shape. With business scaling, you’re looking at the top box of the puzzle. When you get 5,000 puzzle pieces of the top of the box is the final version you’re looking at that. It makes sense to see the vision like a cookbook. You have a cake on one side of the recipes on the other side.

You know all the pieces are there unless the puzzle company is cruel and has a few pieces missing. It’s happened to me sometimes. I think it was just an oversight but they didn’t scale that part. Let’s say you got 5,000 pieces. You’re looking at the box. It may take you a couple of days to create the puzzle and put the pieces together. The initial pieces, I go for the corners. They’re easy to find. Once I got the corners then I start building it. A bridge is not built from one side to the next.

The Golden Gate Bridge is spanning across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Marin County where I live. It started on both sides and they met in the middle. That’s the way scaling is done. How to scale without surrendering what you do is just spend a little bit more time and write down what you’re doing. Hand it to someone and see if they can duplicate it. If they can’t duplicate it, then keep going.

It doesn’t mean it’s not a scalable task. It means you haven’t given enough information. You may need a video. You may need screenshots as in with software. Finally, you learned what the true purpose of scaling is. The business grows without your physical presence scale with planning the end in mind as Stephen Covey did and Stephen MR cut that deal with Franklin. Remember, these insights will only work for you if you work them. I don’t care if you’re a startup.

Think scaling now so you don’t make the same mistakes I made for twenty years. Make sure you execute what you’ve learned at least in attempting to document one thing that you do, you’ll think bigger, you’ll feel more powerful and you’ll be more confident because you’re building a business to scale. My good friend, Allison Maslan, we shared a few masterminds together like the Genius Network and the War Room. She wrote a book called Order Tramadol Online Mastercard.

I did a virtual book tour with her. In that book, you can get the book. I don’t have anything to do with the sale of the book other than helping her to promote it. It is that binary. You either scale or you fail. Do what it takes to execute one task and document it step by step. If you do I hope this All Selling Aside episode brings you a future that is bigger, brighter, it’s scaled and created on your own terms. That scaling because you’re not shackled to the business.

Speaking of reviews before we end the episode I do this every time I want you to go to Generic Tramadol Online. If you haven’t done it, then I want you to type in your biggest takeaway or the a-ha moment you got from this episode. In the actual episode on iTunes in the review. You’re not reviewing the podcast. I want you to give me a takeaway or an a-ha. Apple doesn’t ask for that. iTunes as an ask for that. I’m asking you to put your biggest takeaway for this specific episode.

It’ll mean a lot to me. It may mean a lot to you. You can do it in the iTunes review section. Your takeaway is going in the reviews and when you do that iTunes will ask you to rate the episode and I hope I’ve earned five stars from you. Will you do that for me? If you’ve done that for me, thank you. I hope that every episode you’d get these index cards. You just fill in one index card on your biggest takeaway or a-ha, we call them packed my bag moments because you can pack your bags and leave.

You want to keep reading, there’s more good stuff to come. If you’ve already done that and you’ve done a review, again, thank you. Declare your one big takeaway on an index card and save it. If you haven’t done a review Generic Tramadol Online. It takes three minutes out of your day. What you declare is not an affirmation, it’s a declaration. It could provide you a lifetime of learning because you’re declaring it publicly.

I have a final gift for you in honor of this 44th episode of All Selling Aside. It’s a complimentary access to my video e-course that I told you about earlier. You’ll learn how to identify your market. You’ll learn how to create a message that’s irresistible and you learn how to capitalize on the most lucrative channels. We call them media sources available to you. They change over time but some are principle-based and will always work. You simply go to Ordering Tramadol From Canada.

That does it. I hope our paths cross again for the next episode of All Selling Aside podcast because this is the show dedicated to making ethical influence within your reach so that you can achieve an even exceed your sales potential. Sales can be fun if you know what to say, when to say, and how to say. Please do whatever it takes to join me next episode because our topic is about profiting through radical repurposing. One of my favorite topics I encourage you to bring a study buddy.

It’s more fun to study with someone else. It’s a public service. It’s free. It’s not behind a username and password which they call gated content and I can’t wait to connect with you then. It’s going to be super fun. I hope it’s an episode that you enjoy. Once again, bring your study buddy or accountability partner to read with you.

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