ASA 26 | Self-Serving Benevolence
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Drinks one cup of coffee daily and only about two glasses of water. Within a few hours the in- tegument at this point becomes discolored, blue-black or greenish- brown, sloughy, leathery, as if cauterized with sulphuric acid

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Within a few hours the in- tegument at this point becomes discolored, blue-black or greenish- brown, sloughy, leathery, as if cauterized with sulphuric acid. By this means Hebra succeeded in proving the idiopathic nature of many diseases, and hence in showing that it was absurd to regard the psoric, herpetic, scrofulous, arthritic, and other dyscrasise as causes of all skin diseases ; and thus he initiated a treatment of cutaneous disorders free from the influence of precon- Fortified by a thorough knowledge of the literature, he sifted the enormous amount of material which had been transmitted upon the subject, threw out the useless, preserved the valuable, clearly classi- fied and described distinctly for all time the forms of disease, grouped together many scattered disorders which had natural connections with one another, confirmed descriptions of newly recognized forms of disease, and thoroughly reformed and reconstructed the patho- logy and diagnosis of skin diseases. When this question was in- vestigated by the English Royal Committee in 1868 Tramadol Buy Canada the majority of the members came to the conclusion that it was contagious, while others denied this.

Finally Tramadol Prescription Online there are forms in which, upon the exposed cutaneous surfaces of the axillae, groin, or other parts of the body, fungoid, partly necrotic proliferations develop in a luxuriant manner and discharge a viscid secretion which sometimes has a rancid odor (Hebra, myself).

Rat's original report Order Tramadol Overnight Online but we understand that he reports in his cases an initial lesion resembling a tubercle. The former variety includes contusions which are pro- duced by violent pressure of the skin against a hard body, by a blow, etc. No noticeable increase in gastro-intestinal symptoms occurred at the time. When next seen Tramadol Buy Canada after the lapse of two weeks, the right hand was much improved, but on the other extremity the eruption had rather extended. The picture vividly recalls that of variola (hence the name), and, on the other hand, there is great resemblance to syphilis corymbosa on account of the arrangement in groups, the dark color, and the central depression. After the crvists have fallen off the skin disease has also disappeared or become less severe. The latter is not uniformly the case Tramadol Buy Canada for up to a certain degree of hypertrophy the organ and its elements may remain within physiological limits with reference to their quality and function ; but when the hypertrophy becomes excessive the texture and function of the organ or its elements may deviate ma- Hypertrophy of the common integument affects, either exclusively or largely, one form of its anatomical elements — pigment, epidermis, papillae, glands— or else several or all of its constituents. I have never seen but one, in that there were five or six ulcerations on the inner sur- face of one of the nymphae, but I do not feel at all sure that it was not more properly a condition analogous to balanitis. may be localized Tramadol Buy Canada and this is apparent to a large extent in all spicuously in favor of syphilis of the bones, as distinguished the thickening of the bone. He observed in a number of peo- ple that papules and nodules developed every summer, beginning in childhood and lasting into the twenties, upon the face, ears, neck, and arms.

At the same time Tramadol Hcl Online however, we can demonstrate an increase in volume and hardness, and the attempt to lift a fold will show that the skin has become thicker, firmer, and In the further course the inguinal glands form large, hard swell- ings. She now presents on Tramadol Buy Canada but principally to the right of, the linea alba, midway between pubis and umbilicus, two irregularly-shaped patches, about the size of a fifty cent-piece, elevated, scabbed over, the upper one moist at a point where the scab has been removed. In this condition it happens that one physician will obtain a successful cure in twenty- four hours with common olive oil and soap or a sim- ple salve, while with another it cannot be obtained in the same num- ber of days. A series of photomicrographs illustrating the pathology and bacteri- ology; showing that nodular acne is a giant cell granuloma and due A series of photomicrographs illustrating the histopathology of experi- mental urticaria factitia. This process plays a great part in diseases of the skin. It is highly probable also that the nerves of sensation and touch possess a separate terminal nerve apparatus and sepa- rate fibres, and that even in the brain they have distinct centres, although nothing positive is known concerning this. In some cases this ulcer heals spontaneously, the pus discharges outwardly, the cavity closes, and the affection terminates like a non-specific bubo

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In some cases this ulcer heals spontaneously, the pus discharges outwardly, the cavity closes, and the affection terminates like a non-specific bubo.

Hence attempts have been made to explain this enigmatical Tramadol Overnight Mastercard immediate consequence of burns in various ways. It is often overlooked by the nurse, who is afraid to separate the folds because this causes pain. Sweat escapes from the capillaries of the papillary body and sweat gland Tramadol Buy Canada or is secreted by the secretory cells of the latter, The production of fat in the sebaceous glands takes place in an- other way. It occurs particu-, larly in individuals sufl'ering from varicose veins, such as many women after pregnancy, and individuals of both sexes who are com- oedema and pain in the ankle and sole of the foot, itching of the leg, and secondary scratching and excoriations. They sometimes live and vegetate in the skin, especially the epidermis — true parasites and epiphytes — and sometimes are only incidentally found upon it — epizoa. I have rarely observed pronounced neuroses or nervous and anaemic conditions in connection with alopecia univer- rapid loss of hair and baldness which are due to material disease of the skin Tramadol Buy Canada particularly of the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands. Sciences, October, Some authorities have supposed that the development of a bubo is influenced by the dimensions of the primary sore, but this is certainly not the case. These are left undisturbed during the first few days, lest by their removal the covers of the bullae be torn off, and their drying is prevented by frequent moistening with oil carefully se- lected and by impermeable dressings (oil-silk)

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These are left undisturbed during the first few days, lest by their removal the covers of the bullae be torn off, and their drying is prevented by frequent moistening with oil carefully se- lected and by impermeable dressings (oil-silk).


Michael ended up going out there. He ended up studying his Root Lama. In the Tibetan tradition, a Lama is a mentor. In Greece, they call it mentor. In the US, they call it a coach. In Tibet, they call it lama. It’s not an animal. It’s like your mentor, the person who is your role model. Who looks after you to make sure that you’re ascending to get a Geshe. A Geshe degree is like a PhD in Mahayana Buddhism. It takes about twenty years.

Through the study of Khen Rinpoche who is Islam, Michael got his Geshe level degree and started teaching. He was fluent in the Tibetan language. He was fluent in Russian, fluent in English, a few other languages as well. It’s incredible with the epistemology of language and learning language quickly.

He came back to New Jersey. There was a Mongolian Monastery with the same tradition of Buddhism. He studied there. One day Khen, his lama who was one of the great lamas in all of Tibetan Buddhism at the time. Through that great lineage and I’ll say in England, they call it a guide. In France, they call it tutor. In Japan, they call it sensei. In China, they call it shifu. In Italy, they call it maestro. Whatever you call it. In India they call it guru, but it’s called lama in Tibet.

I’m mentioning this because people have different traditions. Michael’s lama had a dream and he told Michael to go into the diamond business. To go into New York City and start a diamond business. Michael was pushing back on this. He said, “Rinpoche, I don’t know a diamond from a golf ball.” That’s what he said in his story.

He said, “I don’t know anything about business. I’ve been praying and meditating, and been in monastery and studying Buddhism for the past twenty years. I’m a scholar in Buddhism.” His lama didn’t change his course.

Michael finally gave in. If you know something about the diamond business, you can take out maybe $2 million or $3 million of inventory in your hip pocket. In New York City it usually is a family-based business. They’re typically of Jewish descent.

I remember I bought my diamond for my former wife from the west side on 45th street. I happened to buy it from an Armenian because I’m Armenian. There are a lot of Hasidic Jews in that area. Their tradition is diamond cutting in the diamond business.

They are centers of creating amazing and polishing diamonds. Not just finding them like from South Africa. Where they’re finally cut and they’re finished. In New York City, I went to the diamond district. If you know New York City, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I bought a diamond for my former wife. To be a member of that community, if you come from a Protestant family, not a Hasidic Jewish family the chances of you getting in are nothing.

Michael got in with two other people. It was called the Andin Corporation. It grew quickly utilizing four simple principles and the four Laws of Karma. The four Laws of Karma that I’m about to teach you. The four different principles you can use every single day and it takes less than ten minutes a day.

This company is, in the history of Manhattan, the fastest growing manufacturing company. Over 10,000 employees by the time it was sold. Warren Buffett bought it, utilizing the principles that Michael learned as a Buddhist monk.

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The Four Laws Of Karma

Does that interest you? Wouldn’t it make it sense to at least learn what he learned? This is after applying the karmic marketing strategies that I’m going to reveal. This is what I learned. There are four Laws of Karma and they’re logical. The first law is the Law of Expansion. The Law of Expansion means everything big was once small. It takes time to get big.

Whether it’s the University of the Big Bang or it’s an oak tree through an acorn. A watermelon through a watermelon seed or an apple tree through an apple seed, it doesn’t matter. Everything big was once small. It takes time to grow.

A bamboo shoot takes about three to five years to grow underground before you can even see it. It’s likened to be the fastest growing plant on earth. It doesn’t grow fast initially because it’s growing underneath building its foundation. What that means to business is if you want a big business, then you’ve got to first be small. You have to act small. You can think big but you’ve got to act small. If you act big, you may lose a lot of money like I did in 1989, which is the first story I told in Purchase Tramadol Discount.

The second law is the Law of Likeness. The Law of Likeness is you can’t take an apple seed, plant it and have it turn into a pear tree. You can’t take a human being as a seed, a sperm and have it turn into a dog. You can’t take the dog seed and have it turn into a human being. There’s the law of likeness. Your business, you can’t take the rules of running a manufacturing company and run it as if it had the sales margins of a debt company. In the Law of the Likeness, it applies to business as does expansion.

There’s the Law of Effect. It means that every cause has an effect. If I put my finger in a pool of water and there are ripples, the effect are the ripples. The Law of Effect means if you’re creating a cause such as creating an investment for your business. The effect doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. The effect means it’s just an effect, but every cause has an effect.

There’s the Law of Cause. It’s different than the Law of Effect. The Law of Cause says, “Every effect, everything that you see right now has a cause.” Your business, wherever you are right now with your business, with your income, with your paycheck, you caused that.

That’s why taking 100% responsibility of that is not too woo-woo or spiritual. It’s making no excuses and taking responsibility as in Jack Canfield’s book, Order Tramadol Australia. Take 100% responsibility of your life. The Law of Expansion, the Law of Likeness, the Law of Effect and the Law of Cause. Those are the four laws.

The Four Karmic Marketing Segments

The four karmic marketing segments, this is how I built my premium business of $100,000 clients. I personally don’t know anyone with as many 100% clients that I have. $100,000 is a whole lot of money. I’ve had several dozen over the years. I’ve had lots of $60,000 clients and $30,000 clients. The margins are good. I don’t work with them painstakingly. I work in a tight time frame.

They are 100% responsible with living with their Law of Expansion, Likeness, Effect and Cause. I’m going to tell you how I did it because this is what Michael taught me. This is what he taught his company. He taught his sales team this in diamonds. He taught his management this. He’s taught other businesses such as Bumble and bumble and many other well-known companies that I’m not going to name drop.

Imagine that in the middle of this nest which is a circle, there’s you. There’s this little circle of you. We’ll call that little you. Imagine there’s this spoke or line that is at 3:00 and at the end, there’s a little circle. At the end of that circle, you put the word clients. That’s at 3:00. Imagine there’s another line that’s radiating out like a spoke from a hub of a wheel, and that spoke goes at 6:00. It goes down a bit. There’s another circle at the end of that and that’s called your suppliers.

ASA 26 | Self-Serving Benevolence

Self-Serving Benevolence: Karma disappoints you if you keep score. Serve intentionally, not randomly, and plant those karmic seeds on fertile soil.


At 9:00 imagine there’s yet another spoke that’s going horizontally toward the west. There’s a circle at the end of it. It’s called team. That’s your team. At 12:00, a spoke radiating out. There are only four spokes with a circle at the top. That is called the world. If you go to Tramadol Using Paypal you’ll see this. I want you to picture it in your mind’s eye.

If you make your client successful, they’ll make you successful. What goes around comes around. You have to do this four for four every day, it takes about ten minutes. You don’t have to do it back to back. For clients, every single day, I call one up. I wish one happy birthday. I check in with one, I see how they’re doing and I give them a testimonial for their business.

Those are not random acts of kindness. Those are intentional acts of appreciation and I get excited on what client I’m going to focus on each day. It takes about two minutes for an email or a phone call. Sometimes it takes four minutes because we’re playing phone tag. That’s at 3:00, at 6:00, going downward there’s the supplier. The supplier or the vendor is the most abused and overlooked aspect of these four different segments of karmic marketing.

If you make them successful, they’ll make you successful. Every single day I will pick one to appreciate them. If I’m writing a check to GEICO Insurance, which is a supplier of mine. It doesn’t have to be for my core business. Doesn’t GEICO supply me insurance? How about my healthcare? How about my electrical bill? Those are suppliers. What if I wrote a little thank you note when I’m writing them the check? What if I write them an email with appreciation?

To my own suppliers, what if I have an appreciation event? Like I do every year at Wizard Academy with my good friend Roy H. Williams. I invite a few speakers. I don’t make money from it, I break even. It cost me about $40,000 and I’d make $40,000 from what people paid to stay there. It’s a customer and supplier appreciation event.

I invite my best suppliers because they are connected to other customers. I can get referrals. If I acknowledge one of my representatives there and contact the CEO. If I give them referrals of friends of mine, that’s intentional acts of appreciation. What goes around comes around.

When you’re intentionally appreciating one of these four, better yet all four going four for four, you will get back. What goes around comes around. It’s the Law of Karma. You don’t even have to believe in it. If you believe in it, it works even better.

What about your team? I get them a free foot massage. I’ll ask them, “Tell me three things that are under $50 that are things that you enjoy doing?” Sometimes I’ll give them a night out, dinner, gift certificate with babysitting. Sometimes I’ll do a full day’s pay or I’ll do the most valuable driver award each week at our weekly huddles. That’s how I appreciate my team. Those are things that I do.

I have this list of things that I do for them. I do it once a day. If I appreciate them on our Slack and I say, “Great job. That’s an A player right there. That’s some great play.”

The fourth is the world which is at 12:00. It’s the line that goes up with a circle at the end of it. I’ll fill a parking meter that’s expired with a quarter. I have a lot of tall bridges around me. I’m on the bay area. I’ll pay for the person back of me. They won’t know what they’re doing that they come up and they go, “Why did you do that?” I say, “I don’t do it for you, I do it for me.” It is self-serving benevolence.

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If I see a cigarette butt while I’m walking my dog Minnie, I’ll pick it up and I’ll throw it in the wastebasket and then I set the intention. This may sound corny to you but I do it and it’s worth. I say, “I throw this cigarette butt away in honor of attracting more $100,000 clients.” Self-serving benevolence, that’s my spiritual practice and the list goes on, clients, suppliers, team and world.

That’s what I have for you. The Alexism is that business leaders who know but don’t do, still don’t know. Business leaders who know but don’t do, still don’t know. What does this have to do with ethical influence?

Most people I know that think about karma, or think about serving others, they keep score. The Law of Karma, cause and effect, doesn’t keep score on who you gave it to. It only looks at karmic seeds that have been planted the right way. Many people serve and they say, “I never get back.”

You don’t get back because you’re planting watermelon seeds on concrete. You have to plant it in fertile soil. You’ve got to align with the four Laws of Karma, Expansion, Likeness, Cause and Effect. If you do this for 600 seconds a day, each one takes about two minutes. You plant these seeds in fertile soil, they’ll start sprouting all at once and you’ll have momentum.

A review about the insights you and I discovered in this episode. Number one, the four Laws of Karma. They are logic, they are natural, and they’re worth aligning with. Give them a try and don’t tell anybody because people will think you’re weird until you become a millionaire and then you can tell them what you did, like I’m doing right now. I’m not being funny.

The next is the four karmic marketing segments that you serve ten minutes a day, 600 seconds. Do one good thing for a client, intentional act of appreciation. Do one good thing for a supplier, for a team member and for the world who’s outside of your client’s suppliers or team and watch what will happen to your business.

You’ll feel better even if you’re miserable because you’re in deep debt or maybe you’re having a conflict with your spouse, your kids or a fellow worker. It will make you feel better. Remember, karma disappoints you if you keep score. Serve intentionally, not randomly, and plant those karmic seeds on fertile soil.

You can look more of this up on Google. You don’t have to get into Buddhism to learn this. Remember, these insights will only work for you if you work them.

Speaking of reviews, this is the self-serving part. The benevolent part I got done with. I taught you those laws. The self-serving part is to give me a review and a rating on iTunes, Tramadol Online Prescription Uk. I’m asking for it.

The reason I’m asking for it is because I deserve it. If you’re with me for this long, you can go on iTunes, give me your biggest takeaway or a-ha moment for this episode and then write a review and rate it a five star.

Let’s say you didn’t think that this episode was five stars, then don’t give me a rating. Find another episode, read it. There are plenty there and then give me five stars on that one. I want the a-ha. I want the takeaway from the episode itself and not on the podcast. I don’t like general reviews. I’d like specific and episodes are specific.

This episode, number 26 is about self-serving benevolence. It is a principle of life. As a final gift, this is episode 26 of All Selling Aside. Get a complimentary book called Jual Tramadol Online. You can get it for free at Tramadol Buy Cheap or you can pay for it at Amazon. If you go to Amazon give me a review there. We have a Kindle version and we have a softcover. You can get it under $10.

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